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Hi! I’m so glad you are here! My name is Elma Hogeboom, a sustainable artist from the Netherlands. 

I pursue a sustainable and resilient lifestyle. To me, that means caring for our fellow human beings, animals and the environment, and doing what I can to ensure their continued well-being. In my daily life, I am mindful about the food I eat, the clothes I wear and the surroundings I live in. I designed a ‘moreganic’ urban garden in our small backyard, nurturing my love for nature and gardening. The result is an organic, edible and bee-friendly paradise in the middle of the city, filled with all sorts of fruit trees, berry bushes and edible flowers. My garden is full of life, movement and hustle and bustle of small creatures, and a big source of inspiration for my art. 

But can art and sustainability go together? When I started my journey as an artist, I soon found that the use of heavy metals in paints abound, many inks are extremely toxic, and that sustainable materials and re-usable artworks are virtually non-existing. It got me thinking: how can I make a difference and ignite a transition in the world of art towards truly sustainable alternatives? How can I make the art sector more resilient by offering unharmful artworks? 

Starting this transition required creativity and unconventional approaches, a challenge right up my alley. And so, in 2017, I started my journey as a sustainable artist. A researcher by background, I have spent many hours systematically scrutinizing all materials I can and want to work with, such as pigments, paints and papers. The results I recorded in my sustainable materials database. It is a labor of love, combining my scientific training with my passion for the arts. 

My original sustainable artworks for sale are mainly large watercolour paintings, made with eco-friendly pigments and papers. In 2018 I also started a company in sustainable art, Hightree® Sustainable Art Co. (Hightree has been my nickname for years and is a literal translation of my last name in Dutch, Hogeboom). With Hightree® is is my mission to make sustainable art available to a broad audience. This is driven by my belief that sustainable art should be standard practice, available to all, independent of our montly paycheck.

Through Hightree® I offer reproductions of my original sustainable art in the form of sustainable art prints and postcards. All products are eco-friendly printed on 100% recycled paper. In addition, it is my mission to be plastic-free as a company. This is a goal that I strive for with much zeal and eye for detail. 

Even after all my efforts to make my art sustainable and resilient, I cannot guarantee that my company has merely positive impact in the current economic system. Therefore I decided to plant one or even several trees for every artwork I sell, whether this is an original work, or a reproduction. I all this: ‘A tree for a ‘Hightree’. This way we join our forces as an artist and art enthusiast to make this world a greener and more beautiful place, one artwork at a time.

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