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Elma Hogeboom

Sustainable Artist, Entrepreneur & Passionate Gardener

Hi and welcome, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Elma Hogeboom, sustainable artist and entrepreneur from Enschede, The Netherlands. With a big passion for sustainability.

A sustainable lifestyle means caring for our fellow human beings, animals and the environment. I am mindful about the food I eat, the clothes I wear and the surroundings I live in. I designed a ‘moreganic’ urban garden, to nurture my love for nature and gardening. The result was an organic, edible and bee-friendly paradise in the middle of the city, filled with all sorts of fruittrees, berrybushes and edible flowers. My garden is full of life, movement and hustle and bustle of small creatures. It is a big source of inspiration!

Since art is a big passion of mine, doesn’t it make perfect sense to think about sustainability in my art practice? But after a lot of searching, I found out that sustainable materials are very scarce. It got me thinking: in this day and age, how in the world can we not transition to sustainable alternatives in art?

Connecting art and sustainability requires creativity and unconventional approaches, a challenge I love! So I started my journey in sustainable art. My art artwork is best described as dynamic, sparkling and colourful, with sustainability as its ethical foundation!

With my art I also want to contribute to a better, safer and healthier world. Therefore, on top of working sustainably, I plant a tree for every piece of art you buy: a tree for a ‘Hightree’! (Hightree is my nickname, translated from my last name in Dutch) This way we can work together, as an art lover and sustainable artist, to make this world a better place, one artwork at a time! Now that is what I call synergy!

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Take a look behind the scenes in my studio in Twente, The Netherlands.


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