Sustainable art. It sounds beautiful, and it is beautiful. But where to begin?!

When I started researching sustainable alternatives for my art practice, I slowly but surely found out that the transition might become more difficult than anticipated. The more I read, studied and googled, the more I felt overwhelmed. There were just so many materials, ideas and techniques that I would have to research! There were times that my head would spin! The big perfectio-idealist in me would see bears on the road everywhere, and I felt exhausted before even starting my journey, when I saw how much I would have to figure out!

To be honest, that perfectio-idealist is quite a difficult one to please! Images would pop up in my head of me, working a paper mill with recycled pulp, and everything – of course – running on renewable energy sources. Every day, I would work with birds whistling their songs all around, while enjoying the smell of freshly mowed grass and looking out on the ever blossoming fruit trees, glistening with dew in the early morning sun… But I would wake up and find myself back in the Netherlands, where we have VERY frequent showers, and even though we are famous for our mills, I wonder if I was ever born to be a miller… Because I also want to make sustainable art! And there are just 24 hours in a day!


That was the sound of my pink bubble popping… I just can’t do it all, and this world is far from perfect… So there was only one solution: just start! Because one small step in the right direction is better than no step at all! You don’t expect a baby to run a marathon just after its first steps, right? But you know that one day it will walk, and run, and maybe even run a marathon! You have a vision, and that’s why you don’t give up hope before your child can walk! It’s the same with sustainable art, I’ll show you. Just don’t get overwhelmed by only focusing on the end goal and try to enjoy the journey!

So, long story short: I want to encourage you and ask you at the same time: will you take your first (or tenth, or 100th) step with me? It will be a magnificent journey! I would be honoured to be your travelling companion! And just like there are multiple ways to travel, sustainable doesn’t have to mean expensive! In the coming blogs I want to share how sustainability doesn’t only benefit the earth, but also your wallet!

Curious? Take a look at the picture below for a clue!

Stay tuned!



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