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As an artist, I am deeply inspired by nature, its resilience and the sophisticated levels of adaptability underpinning the foundations of our complex natural system. This fascination had inspired a vision to create art that in itself contributes to a Resilient World.  

Unfortunately, over the past centuries man’s art has become unsustainable and harmful to our planet. Highly toxic substances and heavy metals, including cadmium and cobalt – that have been banned from virtually all sectors – are still amply found in most artistic paints. Often not in plain sight, but rather in disguise, sold under enticing names like Viridian Green or Cerulean Blue. It begs the question: is there another way?  

Fortunately, there is. Take madder, a plant native to Eurasia. Its deep roots weave through the earth binding the soil, its flowers are beloved by bees and its bountiful berries by birds and badgers. But what’s more, madder contains a natural red dye, known by artists of generations long past. A vital part of man’s heritage, madder embodies the teleconnection between Art and Resilience. It is my vision to re-establish these age-old Sustainable Secrets in Art.  


Sustainable Art

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